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It is inevitable that our readers, from time to time, are overcome with an urge to put quill to vellum and share their views with like-tweeded souls. You may get in touch with the editorial staff of The Chap in one of the following ways:

For subscription and other ordering enquiries, please call 01778 392022 subscriptions@warnersgroup.co.uk

For editorial enquiries, please contact Gustav Temple at gustav@thechap.net

For advertising enquiries, please contact Paul Williams paul@thechap.net on 07031 973 767


Perhaps you are incensed at your local branch of Starbucks’ refusal to serve scented tobaccos, or there may be something less important that you simply want to get off your chest. Our postal address is:

The Chap
2 Mount Place
East Sussex
United Kingdom

or email us at post@thechap.net

The Butler

Mr. Bell the butler will endeavour to answer your household, sartorial and etiquette queries at butler@thechap.net

Am I Chap?

For those of you who have already taken decisive steps towards Chappishness and would like a definitive assessment, send your photos to chap@thechap.net


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Issue #77

The 77th edition of The Chap delves beyond the green baize door for a food & drink special. Contents include: More...

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