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A well-groomed visage is the base upon which all sartorial offerings are subsequently placed, and for this reason there must be no compromise on quality. Furthermore, a gentleman surrounded by attractive grooming items which bespeak a more elegant era will be more up to the task of spreading bonhomie and anarcho-dandyism than someone with a bag of Bic razors and a tin of shaving foam.

The Chap Shaving Set

We have assembled a shaving kit that should set any young shaver on the road to a fizzog as smooth as the one he had before he started shaving. Tentative steps are required on the journey to remove follicles with sharp blades, and this particular combination of sturdy safety razor, soft badger-hair shaving brush, drip stand and tin of The Chap’s very own shaving soap, Old Colonial, plus a pack of five razor blades, will educate your fellow with as much decorum and safety as possible.

Price: £39.00

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Old Colonial

The Chap’s very own exclusive brand of shaving soap has been vastly improved, with the lime notes increased on a base of sandalwood and tobacco, making for a sharp, tangy, old-fashioned scent, guaranteed to put a spring into the step of a freshly shaved chap. It also now comes in an attractive screw top tin, which is easy to dig your badger hair shaving brush into and work up a generous lather.

Price: £8.95

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Atters’ Alchemy Moustache Wax

The Chap’s editor-at-large, Michael “Atters” Attree, has assisted us in developing a startlingly unique new moustache wax. He insisted on a scent that was both manly and fragrant, and a consistency that would maintain his personal facial plumage to the loftiest heights imaginable. This is the neutral version; Atters’ Alchemy is also available in chestnut brown.

Price: £6.95

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    Atters’ Alchemy Chestnut Brown



According to The Chap’s editor-at-large, Michael “Atters” Attree, many gentlemen, for various reasons, prefer a moustache wax that is tinted. This could be due to slightly uneven natural colouring of one’s pride and joy, the march of time peppering the lip weasel with grey matter, or simply vanity. So he insisted that we produce our new moustache wax in both brown and neutral varieties. This is the chestnut brown version.
  Price: £6.95


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Best Badger Shaving Brush

A good shaving soap or cream should not come anywhere near your face other than upon the bristles from the fur of one of England’s loveliest creatures, the badger. “Best badger” means that the bristles come from the ‘pars costails’ of the badger, with the remainder of the brush made up of finer and more pliable hairs from other areas of the body. This one by British firm Edwin Jagger is a decent size, chunky and solid to handle, and comes with a smart drip stand at no extra cost.

Price: £32.00

Price with postage

Cyril Salter Open Razor

The open razor was used as a symbol of English gentlemanly tradition in the last James Bond film Skyfall for good reason. Also sometimes known as a “cut-throat” razor, don’t let the gruesome nomenclature put you off. This is the most traditional and precise way to remove one’s stubble, and with a little instruction and a lot of practice, you will soon have the billiard-ball smooth chin of a dapper secret agent.

Price: £55.00

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Safety Razor

For those not yet ready to take on Bond’s shaving methods, an original safety razor, with its replaceable double-edged blades, still reeks of gentlemanly tradition. The blades last very much longer than your average Mach 3, and of course the razor itself is a far more beautiful object to behold, and to hold. This one is by renowned British company Edwin Jagger and comes with a free pack of 5 razor blades.

Price: £25.00

Price with postage

Derby Razor Blades

These double-edged blades are for use with old style safety razors, such as those made by Edwin Jagger, see above. The five double-sided Stainless Steel blades are individually wrapped and come housed in a plastic safety dispenser. Each side of each blade will give you at least three excellent shaves, making you huge savings in the long run.

Price: £2.50

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Moustache Grower’s Kit

Growing a moustache is a calling that men only embark on when they have mastered everything else in life. With the help of Michael “Atters” Attree, the Chap’s moustache expert, To help them along their way, we have created a moustache grower’s kit. It comprises of a pair of moustache scissors, a moustache comb and a tin of Atters’ Alchemy Neutral moustache wax, and is quite frankly all you will need to take you from the world of the humble hairless upper lipped, into the heady realm of Handlebars, Imperials and Fu Manchus.

Price: £15.00

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Moustache Grower’s Kit

Most chaps will already know the eventual colour of their enormous handlebar moustache, having experimented with perhaps the odd side-whisker or pencil moustache. There are quite simply some men whose upper lips seem to burst into a riot of colour that bears little or no relation to their actual hair colour. For these men, it will be expedient to use the brown version of Atters’ Alchemy, provided in this version of the above Moustache Grower’s Kit.

Price: £15.00

Price with postage

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