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A well-groomed visage is the base upon which all sartorial offerings are subsequently placed, and for this reason there must be no compromise on quality. Furthermore, a gentleman surrounded by attractive grooming items which bespeak a more elegant era will be more up to the task of spreading bonhomie and anarcho-dandyism than someone with a bag of Bic razors and a tin of shaving foam.

Old Colonial

The Chap’s very own exclusive brand of shaving soap features zingy lime notes on a base of sandalwood and tobacco, making for a sharp, tangy, old-fashioned scent, guaranteed to put a spring into the step of a freshly shaved chap. It comes in an attractive screw top tin, which is easy to dig your badger hair shaving brush into and work up a generous lather.

Price: £8.95

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Atters’ Alchemy Moustache Wax

The Chap’s editor-at-large, Michael “Atters” Attree, has assisted us in developing a startlingly unique moustache wax. He insisted on a scent that was both manly and fragrant, and a consistency that would maintain his personal set of whiskers to the loftiest heights imaginable. The result is Atters’ Alchemy, which comes in a neutral colour for all shades and types of facial plumage.

Price: £6.95

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Cyril Salter Open Razor

The open razor, also sometimes known as a “cut-throat” razor, should not put you off with its gruesome nomenclature. This is the most traditional and precise way to remove one’s stubble, and with a little instruction and a lot of practice, you will soon have the billiard-ball smooth chin of a dapper gent, plus the satisfaction of knowing you shave like Cary Grant and all the other chaps of the 1930s did.

Price: £35.00

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Issue #79

The 79th edition of The Chap conjures up the ghost of Oscar Wilde. Contents include: More...

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