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Despite alarmist messages from the Nanny State to the contrary, it is an undisputable fact that smoking raises levels of self-esteem, panache and gung-ho. During these times of economic austerity, such qualities are likely to put Blightly back on its feet – and if they don’t, surely it is better to watch the ship go down with a heady Navy Shag swirling around one’s nostrils?

Brown Study

The first of a series of pipe tobacco blends created exclusively by The Chap, Brown Study is an aromatic blend with a pungent, fruity aroma with hints of vanilla. It is best consumed in the confines of one’s study when a contemplative mood is required, though can also be used as a revolutionary tool outside hostelries, to keep the Lambert & Butler-clutching hordes away from one’s personal cloud of anarcho-dandyism.

Price: £13.50

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Brown Study Tobacco Tin

Those of us who smoke our own preferred loose tobacco blend might like to use the Chap Tobacco tin to store their previous shag in. Non smokers may also use it to store valuable items such as cufflinks, gold sovereigns or, in the case of the fair sex, secret lady things that gentlemen should never see.

Price: £4.00

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Bent Briar Pipe

The classic, iconic and, some would say, most Chappish of all pipe shapes is the bent billiard. This one, by Dr. Plumb, is made from the finest briar and may be held rakishly, contemplatively or even thrust aggressively while making a point about the merits of devilled kidneys for breakfast.

Price: £20.50

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Tamper, Reamer and Cleaner

An indispensable tool for the pipe smoker, each of its three prongs may be used respectively for tamping down one’s tobacco (otherwise it will extinguish), reaming out the remaining ash (otherwise the next smoke will taste awful) and cleaning the gunk out of the stem.

Price: £3.00

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Bent Briar Starter Kit

This starter kit will set you on the road to pipular success, comprising a tin of Brown Study (ideal for the novice as it isn’t too strong and tastes superb), a Dr. Plumb bent briar pipe and a tamper, reamer and cleaner tool.

UK Price: £32.00

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